Goal and Task Completion

Percentage of conversation in which bot/virtual assitant achieved intended purpose and user could close the task, better it is. Compare versions and dsicover winner thru abexperiment.

Conversation Length

Make your chatbot better by reducing unnecessary question that are irrelavnt for intent. Chatbot should lead to cooperative conversation/

User Satisfication

User satisfication focus on explicit feedback provided by user on chatbot, virtual assistant.

Effort Saved

Effort saved help determine which version of bot is saving more time for user in terms of research, knowledge gathering.

Who We Are

Specialist in AB Experiment for Bots

  • Data Science

    DS, Machine Learning, Statistics
  • A/B testing

    Implemented A/B testing, experiments
  • Chatbot, Website Development

    Develop multiple chatbots, websites

What We Do

Unleash Full Potentional of Virtual Assistant

Our offerings

We customized according to your need

  • Workshop Session - Goal, Data, Metrics, Evaluation
  • Pre Built Capabilities Capabilities, Packages and Toolkit
  • Experiment Design & Setup Design, Setup & Execution